DGGI Network 2020

Information sharing is necessary condition for inter-agency co-operation in combating financial crime. The purpose of data sharing is to find more effective ways to use a "whole-of-government" approach to counter financial crimes by harnessing the skills and knowledge of different agencies through better co-operation. Inter-agency co-operation can enhance financial integrity and good governance by improving the effectiveness of country's abilities to fight financial crimes.

DGGI exchanges data and information of violators of indirect tax laws with various law enforcement agencies for improving compliance of indirect tax laws. Benefits that such data exchange brings, which include:

  • Maximising use of Government's data for the benefit of stakeholders
  • Detection of potential frauds
  • Enhances the effectiveness of inspections and audits

DGGI exchanges information with various agencies for combating indirect tax evasion and frauds which includes Income Tax Department, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB), Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid) and various other departments and agencies.